Puggle Rescue Dogs In Ohio

Looking to adopt a Puggle rescue in Ohio? These are the Puggle rescue dogs (and the associated breeds) that are currently up for adoption in Ohio. This list is currently only updated once a week as it takes time to collate the information on the Puggle rescues in your area. The last update was performed on 27 April 2012.

Please note that the list may not be complete as not all the Puggle rescue dogs in Ohio details are put on line. Contact your local dog rescue center to find out if they have (or know of) a Puggle rescue waiting to be adopted near you in Ohio!

Why are there other dogs shown rather than just Puggle rescues in Ohio? Well, we only currently only search a small number of the animal shelters in Ohio for Puggle rescues that are available for adoption and not all the shelters will have a Puggles. So rather than show nothing we show the breeds that are similar to the Puggle - all the dogs in the shelters in Ohio need homing, can you see your next dog below?

If you cant see your ideal puggle rescue here then why not contact the other Animal & Dog Shelters in Ohio?

(Beagle) Rex - Small - Male

Rex is just the sweetest little All-American dog! Wont you please welcome him into your family?? For more info, please contact his foster mom Teresa at 888-359-0665 or email tsweet2@columbus.rr.com, View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Wayne - Medium - Male

Check me out!! I'm at the Knox County Animal Shelter 285 Columbus Road Mount Vernon, Ohio 740-393-6713 View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Bodie - Medium - Male

Bodie is one of the quietest beagles we've ever had at CHA. He just lays in his kennel and we can honestly say we have never heard him bark. Not to say he wouldn't at times like all dogs, but he is remarkably reserved and peaceful. Bodie gets along with other dogs and would probably be most comfortable living with laid back dogs. Bodie enjoys using his beagle nose to follow smells as he takes walks and would love to cuddle on the couch with you as you watch a movie or read a book. This precious boy is the perfect calm companion! View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Fred - Medium - Male

Fred & Wilma are our newest beagles & everyday, someone says "they are the cutest beagles I've ever seen!". They were found as strays by a Volunteer. Fred's sister Wilma was recently adopted, now Fred is hoping his family will be coming to take him home very soon! Since coming to the shelter, Fred has put on a little weight (but not too much). He enjoys playing with other dogs in the play yard and is happy to share his kennel with his new beagle friend, Luna, during the day. Fred loves going for walks & smelling everything new outside by the trail. He would be an easy addition to any home! View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Luna - Small - Female

View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Snoopy - Small - Male

Update! Snoopy has made great progress! Snoopy is one loving pup! He loves to follow his foster family around and is happy to just snuggle right into bed or onto a lap! Snoopy is housetrained and knows sit and stay. He also knows to leave the kitchen with just a hand command! Snoopy does not beg at the table, but is more than happy to get the leftovers if you offer them to him. Snoopy is still not a big fan of his crate, but his foster family reports that he can usually be trusted to be left out of it anyway. Please consider giving Snoopy the forever home that he deserves! Snoopy formally known as Cashew is the sweetest little beagle. An Snoopy sits him as he always has to know what is going on and will investigate what you are doing. He is housebroken, doesn't bark except when someone comes to the door, loves snooping outside just as he should. The thing he likes most is sleeping in bed with you and he usually finds the warmest spot. When crated the first night, he was not a happy camper, but he really does not need to be crated. He is eating well with dry dog food and dog treats but is quite the beggar from the table. Cashew appears to be off to a wonderful start to his new life in foster care and is looking forward to a new adopted life. Could that new life be with you? (No kids under 12 please). View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Cj - Medium - Female

Morning Caretaker note: Cj came in with Tanner from Logan County. They were housed together there as well. Both are very nice dogs. As a team when they meet new dogs there may be some barking through the fence. But their good natures quickly take over once the gate is open and they are quite social. Neither tear up blankets or toys. Very close to housebroken. Simple, consistent outside time after meals would quickly teach them what you want. Both of these dogs are a pleasure to work with. Friendly with people and dogs they make my job easy. ------------ Primary Color: Black Tan Secondary Color: White Weight: 26 Age: 7yrs 0mths 0wks Animal has been Spayed View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Tanner - Medium - Male

Morning Caretaker note: Tanner came in with CJ from Logan County. They were housed together there as well. Both are very nice dogs. As a team when they meet new dogs there may be some barking through the fence. But their good natures quickly take over once the gate is open and they are quite social. Neither tear up blankets or toys. Very close to housebroken. Simple, consistent outside time after meals would quickly teach them what you want. These are smart dogs.Both of these dogs are a pleasure to work with. Friendly with people and dogs they make my job easy. --------------- Primary Color: Black Tan Secondary Color: White Weight: 21 Age: 6yrs 0mths 0wks Animal has been Neutered View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Coonhound) Liberty Courtesy Post - Medium - Female

Liberty Courtesy Post
Hi, my name is Liberty, and I am a 3 year old coonhound/beagle mix. I was rescued from a local shelter about a year and a half ago by a great family. I love my family, but unfortunately, their neighbors do not love me and made up lies about me! So, I have to move to keep my family from getting in trouble. I am crate and house trained, and love attention! Just like any old hound dog, I sure love to sniff around, so I would really like either a fenced-in backyard that I can sniff to my heart's content, or someone who'd love to take me on walks. I am really good on walks, especially if I have a collar that makes me pay attention (either a "choke" collar or a shock collar that you can beep when I'm sniffing somewhere I'm not supposed to!). I am a little shy around strangers (especially when they have those scary hat things on their head) but once I get to know you I promise I'll love you. I even love little kids, though its a bit confusing when they want to hug me all the time! Cats don't seem to like me too much, for some reason. It's really too bad since its so fun when they run and I get to chase them! The next best thing to chasing kitties is squeaking my toys or playing with bones. My family has taken great care of me and I am spayed, up to date on all my shots, and am current on my heartworm preventive. If you'd like to learn more about me or even adopt me, you can talk to my dad, Eric, at (614)679-9987 or gahannasoftball@yahoo.com or etroutman10@wowway.com. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Hurley - Medium - Male

Meet Hurley who once was a Lost little beagle mix pup at a shelter...now Hurley has found his way to a foster home. Hurley is approximately 15 weeks old and tops the scale at 12lbs...of course he is still growing (pups tend to do that). Hurley is working hard on his housebreaking and create training. He also has dogs, cats, and small children to play with in his foster home when he isn't catching a puppy nap. If you would like to apply to adopt this pet please visit www.powellPAWS.org to review our adoption requirements and submit an application. Submitting an application does not guarantee or hold a dog, or commit you to the adoption process. All PAWS dogs are in foster homes and can be seen by appointment. We reserve the right to deny an application for any reason without explanation. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Sunny - Medium - Female

This girl deserves a forever home that will love her to pieces. She was rescued from a shelter in NY where she lived for 6 months. She does well with other dogs but can be snippy when it comes to treats. Patience and love is the key to this girl. She would like to have a home and not spend anymore time in kennel life. Update: Sunny has come along way and is doing well with other dogs. This gal deserves to find a place to call home, she is worth taking a chance on. Open your heart to Sunny. For more information or an application, please contact us at SecChanceHS@aol.com. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Jake - Small - Male

Jake has not had a good life and it is apparent he has been abused. He is scared of men and when meeting new people he is shy. When curiosity gets the most of him, he can be seen peeking around things to see if it is OK to investigate. We have spent alot of time with this little guy and he is a keeper and the love he has to give is amazing. He will cuddle with you and be your best friend. Jake is learning that he is finally safe. For more information, contact SecChanceHS@aol.com View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Buddy - Medium - Male

Buddy is a timid little guy who needs that special someone to love him and show him he is safe. Once he warms up to you he is a very sweet loving dog. Buddy was surrendered to Second Chance by his owner who no longer could care for him. If you are interested in Buddy and would like more information on him, please contact us at SecChanceHs@aol.com View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Bella - Medium - Female

Such a charmer and a face that is kissable. Bella is the bell of the ball and holds her own with the boys at beagle town. She does well with other dogs and loves to play. Bella does and will test her surroundings. She is a climber and will escape, this gal is a huge candidate for an underground fence environment. The family adopting Bella will have to take the extra precaution and know she can slip by or climb. Even with her being an escape artist, please don't let that stop you from making her a part of the family. With training and going the extra mile you would not be disappointed in bringing her into your family. Call 740-967-3700 for more information. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Jack Russell Terrier) Russell - Small - Male

Russell was brought to Second Chance along with his sister. Upon arriving at Second Chance it was found that both Russell and his sister had a terrible skin condition called "Fish Scale Disease" Unfortunately Russell's sister was not strong enough and passed away. Russell is now on the medication to help with his skin condition. Russell will have to take this medication for the rest of his life and needs a special family that is will to care fore him and continue his medication. Russell doesn't let his skin condition get him down, he is very playful, very loving and gets along great with other dogs, in fact, Russell has 6 beagles for kennel mates. For more information on this VERY special little guy, contact us today at SecChanceHS@aol.com View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Betty Boop - Medium - Female

Betty Boop
For more information on this sweet girl, please contact us today at SecChanceHS@aol.com View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Bagel - Medium - Male

Time and patience. Bagel is shy and is attached to his mom Shy Shy. Both mom and pup were dumped in a cemetery and ran for weeks. So as a puppy Bagel did not have alot of humane contact. He has come along way. He needs to have a family that will take time and do training. He has been with us for awhile and you can see the improvements daily. He needs hugs, reassurance and lots of love. Give this guy a chance to a better life than what he started with in the cemetery. For more information, please call 740-967-3700. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Shy Shy - Medium - Female

Shy Shy
The name says it all.......Shy Shy. This gal is sweet, lovable but needs the reassurance that people are not all cruel. Once she is comfortable she loves to sit beside you and petting is her number one goal. She is extremely shy, very attached to her son Bagel. She loves to play with the other dogs and it has been her break through to help her confidence. This bundle of beagle has alot to give she needs a family that will give her that chance. For more information, call 740-967-3700. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Snoopy - Medium - Male

Snoopy was born blind. He does a great job in getting around. This guy is brave and has done extremely well in a shelter in getting around. He loves treats, people and would like someone to find it in their heart to take this special needs guy home. For more information, contact us at SecChanceHS@aol.com View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Peanut - Medium - Male

Peanut gets along great with other dogs; loves to play fetch; and likes children too! He's very smart and a quick learner. He has a great personality and will have you fawning over him as soon as you meet. If you think Peanut would be a good fit in your family, please contact Second Chance at 740.967.3700. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Pug) Felice - Small - Female

Name: FeliceID Number: OH487Sex: FemaleColor: caramel brownAge:2-3 y/oApprox Weight:18lbs.Good w/dogs: YesGood w/cats: YesCrate Trained: She does not like to be crated Housebroken:Yes Energy Level:med-highHealth: good Good w/Kids: Calm, older kids.Training: Working on basic trainingFostered In: NE OhioMy Adoption Fee: $175.00My Sponsors: Sponsor Me!Felice means "happy" in Italian, and that describes this little gal perfectly ! She can be timid at first and bares her belly in submission, but once she is used to you, she is so excited to see you. She has not had any accidents in the house. She does not like her crate but does not seem to be destructive. She likes other dogs but does get a little jealous and wants all the attention. She is fine with cats and older kids too ! think she is either a pug chihuahua mix or a pug dachshund mix. Pictures to follow ! Application, veterinary reference, adoption fee and home check required to adopt. APPLY TO ADOPTNOTE: Please do not email for more dog info. This is all the info available until approved and then you can talk directly to that dogs foster home for further info. Thank you! View this pet on Petfinder.com

(German Shorthaired Pointer) Turner - Medium - U

Turner is under year old. We believe he is a GSP mix----possibly with Beagle. He is a medium sized dog who weighs approx. 45 lbs. He is very sweet, good with other dogs, and loves people. He can be a bit shy but when he first meets someone but warms up pretty quickly. He knows some basic commands and does ok on leash.Turner is available for adoption OR rescue.April 26, 2012, 10:34 am View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Cliff - Medium - Male

Cliff arrived here as a stray. He had showed up at someone's home several weeks ago bone thin. The fed him and kept him around hoping an owner would come forward. No one ever did. He looks to be a very unique mix.....beagle, chow, boxer (maybe). He is a dark brown with brindling effects. Super smart but very scent driven and will require someone who is willing to work with his instincts. His coat is very thick and he will shed. We were told that he chased cats but never harmed them. He was also ok with their 2 dogs but could be a bit dominant with male dogs.Cliff will be available for adoption OR rescue on March 31, 2012.April 26, 2012, 10:34 am View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Jack Russell Terrier) Mojo - Small - Male

Hi, Mojo here. I know what you're thinking . . . JRT . . . bounces off walls . . . NOT TRUE!! I must take after the beagle side of my ancestry because I'm a laid back kind of guy & very, very cuddley. My story: I was one scared little dog when I was incarcerated at the dog pound. But I was bailed out and am back in a home and I am happy, happy, happy. I am living with other dogs and cats, good food, toys and a lap to sit on. What more could a little guy want, you ask? Well . . . I'd like to have my very own humans again. I am crate trained, housebroken, good with the other animals in my foster home and just a loving little guy. I am, I think, quite a striking looking little guy in my tux and am a lot of fun to be with. Hey, I'm willing to take a chance on you. . . are you willing to take a chance on me? You won't be sorry. Hope to see you soon. MOJO View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Baillee - Medium - Female

Courtsey post - please contact gheventr@aol.com for further information. Baillee is about 1 years old and came from a high kill KY shelter after losing a litter of puppies. She was emaciated, and had a poorly healed fracture in a hind leg due to an unknown cause. Baillee has gained weight, and is now a very healthy girl who loves to zoom around and play. Her leg was examined, and although it did heal improperly after her injury, it was determined to be of no real bother to her. It is possible that she will have some arthritis in the future, but it certainly does not slow her down currently. Baillee is a super sweet girl who really enjoys cuddling, and hanging out with her people. She is great with other dogs, cats, horses and kids, but is not recommended to be around chickens/ducks as she shows a fair amount of interest in them. She is working on basic commands. Baillee would do great with an active family. She walls well on lease and is super easy to be around. Baillee is about 22 lbs. gheventr@aol.com View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Pearl - Medium - Female

Our blue eyed beauty with her icy hues is very sweet and very smart. We are pretty sure she is deaf so she will need someone with a lot of patience and understanding. She is very energetic and loves to please. View this pet on Petfinder.com