Puggle Rescue Dogs In Minnesota

Looking to adopt a Puggle rescue in Minnesota? These are the Puggle rescue dogs (and the associated breeds) that are currently up for adoption in Minnesota. This list is currently only updated once a week as it takes time to collate the information on the Puggle rescues in your area. The last update was performed on 27 April 2012.

Please note that the list may not be complete as not all the Puggle rescue dogs in Minnesota details are put on line. Contact your local dog rescue center to find out if they have (or know of) a Puggle rescue waiting to be adopted near you in Minnesota!

Why are there other dogs shown rather than just Puggle rescues in Minnesota? Well, we only currently only search a small number of the animal shelters in Minnesota for Puggle rescues that are available for adoption and not all the shelters will have a Puggles. So rather than show nothing we show the breeds that are similar to the Puggle - all the dogs in the shelters in Minnesota need homing, can you see your next dog below?

If you cant see your ideal puggle rescue here then why not contact the other Animal & Dog Shelters in Minnesota?

(Pug) Jake 1 - Small - Male

Jake 1
Jake is a cute little pug/chihuahua mix who has, as we call it in rescue, a bit of a Napoleon complex. He may weigh only 20 pounds, but he thinks that he rules every roost. Perhaps it's the chi in him? He was recently returned to Homeward Bound because he was being a bit nippy when he was asked to do things he didn't want to do. As a result, we are looking for an adult home for him that sets firm boundaries, but is loving too, as Jake has a lot of love to give. In his current foster home, Jake is behaving very well, as his foster mom is clearly in charge and he's quite happy to relax and let her be in control. Once you get past his gruff exterior, you'll find a funny little dog that will love you forever and keep you laughing with his pug antics. We always say in rescue that some of the most rewarding human/canine relationships are the ones that take a little more work, and in this case, we think Jake's worth the extra effort. If you have questions about Jake, please email Sherri at sweeperjunkies@comcast.net. She can also send you a preadoption questionnaire. Jake has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and tested for heartworm disease. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Pug) Jewels - Small - Female

Jewels is a little more out going for a puppy mill survivor. She really likes her people and can sometimes being a little needy always wanting to be around them. Jewels gets along great with other dogs, cats and kids. She is working on her potty training and seems to be doing pretty well with the use of a crate and a strict schedule. Jewels has been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworm and lyme disease, and will be micro chipped as soon as adopted. You can email Sherri at sweeperjunkies@comcast.net for more information and/or a pre-adoption questionnaire. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Beagle) Betsy - Small - Female

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(Beagle) Betsy - Small - Female

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(Beagle) Mona - Medium - Female

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(Beagle) Gucci - Medium - Male

What a great dog! This beagle/basenji mix will be sure to turn heads! He is a wonderful addition to any family! He was adopted a few years ago but was returned to us as no fault of his own. His foster mom loves him and thinks he is just a funny little guy! He gets along well with other dogs as long as they are not very dominant. He likes to be head man! If you are looking for a nice addition to the family that loves to go for walks, camp and hang out up north, this is your man! View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Pug) Quark - Small - Male

We need a joke about this funny boy: An alien walked into a bar......He has a ridiculous overbite, funky teeth, a playful attitude, and loves to give face kisses. He has a feisty side, too. He really doesn't want the monster Lab puppies stealing his food, toys, space, or anything! And that 8# little stinker will tell them so! Maybe we need another kind of joke: What did the Chihuahua say to the Great Dane? Get out of my way! At least we can imagine Quark having no problem doing that with a big, lopsided grin. View this pet on Petfinder.com

(Pug) Skylah - Small - Female

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.To speed up the adoption process, please complete ourPre-Adoption Application.I am a very small, cute, andsweet puggle.My foster mom only says good things to say about me. I am good with cats, kids, and dogs! I have addisons disease, but my doctor says, as long as I stay on my meds I will live a long normal life!!!PLEASENOTE:Happy Tails Rescueonly adopts our dogs to people who live within a 60 mile radius of the Twin Cities and only within the state of MINNESOTA due to our home visit requirement. Please understand that we are a small group of unpaid volunteers and don't have the resources to travel further than that. All of our cats and dogs are INDOOR pets and are NOT to be left outside unattended (even in a fenced yard), or running loose! View this pet on Petfinder.com