Puggle Rescues

Firstly .. congratulations! We applauded you on your choice of dog and the fact that you are considering adopting a puggle rescue. There are many places to get your puggle puppy from; pet stores, breeders and rescue organisations. Many people go straight to the breeders or their local pet store without considering the fact that they could adopt a puggle rescue puppy. Obviously you are not one of those people as you have found this site 'puggle rescue' hurrah!. Thank you again for considering to adopt a puggle rescue!

Unlike you many people do not realise that one of the best places to get their new puggle from is from a rescue center. Not only will you find your new puggle puppy or adult dog but you will also be saving one of the many thousands of dogs that are in rescue homes across the land. Many of these puggle rescues end up in the shelters through no fault of their own. Many were originally bought just because they looked cute and were perceived to be a 'fashion accessory'. I'm not denying that they are extremely cute but as a breed they can be a little stubborn and are a lot more active than a lot of people realise and as a result many end up in shelters or worse just turned out on the streets.

Your puggle rescue will be a fun loving dog with lots of energy so if you are looking for a more 'chilled' or 'laid back' dog then maybe you should be looking for a different type of breed. Many owners have given up their puggles as they didn't realise the traits of this type of breed. Puggles are full of energy and as a result they will need plenty of exercise and play in order to prevent boredom. They are very sweet tempered, very sociable and good with children and make ideal family pets.

Why adopt a puggle rescue?

By looking for your puggle in rescue shelters you have a real advantage over those people who are exclusively looking to get their dogs from breeders and pet stores. Adopting a puggle rescue can be cheaper and in the majority of cases you will get your dog quicker which means you and your family can start building your relationship with your dog sooner.

Dogs adopted from rescue shelters are always in top health. The shelter will only put up dogs for adoption that are in good health - any health problems the dog had when it came into the shelter will have been dealt with. This is not to say that puggles from breeders or pet stores are in poor health! We merely mention this point as some people perceive rescue dogs to be in poor health and a state of neglect and this is simply not the case.

Where do I find puggle rescues?

So where do you start to look for your puggle rescue? Your local dog shelter will be one of the first places you should contact, check out our state by state shelters list to find the ones in your area. If they don't have a dog that's suitable for you then they will certainly put you in touch with other rescue centers that might. Check the classified ads in your local papers too as many centers and people will advertise their rescue dogs in them.

One of the best places to contact is a specialised puggle rescue organisation or center. You could also try the puggles breeds ancestors rescue organisations, namely the beagle and pug. While the majority of the breed specific rescue organisations won't take in 'mixes', they are always worth contacting just in case. Finally keep an eye out for ads in your local store, as you can often find dogs up for re-homing there.

New to puggle adoption?

When looking to adopt dogs from shelters it's always worth bearing in mind the following points

Thanks again for considering a puggle rescue, you're all going to have a lot of fun together :) - The puggle rescue team